Visiting rules


Visiting Rules of Prague Exhibition Grounds in Holešovice

  •  Visitors may enter and remain in the Exhibition Grounds providing they respect laws and internal regulations of the Prague Exhibition Grounds in Holešovice.
  •  Visitors entering the Exhibition Grounds premises are obliged to behave in such a way as not to cause damage to the premises, equipment or any objects situated on the premises. They are also obliged to keep the premises clean.
  •  Anyone who within the Exhibition Grounds premises notices any fault that may cause harm to persons or cause damage to the equipment is obliged to inform the organizer or call +420 608115146.
  •  It is forbidden to use open fire on the Exhibition Grounds premises. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all covered areas, except for the area specially reserved for smoking.


Without special permission granted by the organizer it is not allowed to do the following on the Exhibition Centre premises:

  • handing out leaflets, print-outs and other publications, advertise, take commercial photographs, conduct opinion polls and similar activities,
  • sell goods or do any other unauthorized business activities, cause damage to the equipment and premises,
  • move about outside the designated routes,
  • enter premises which are not open to the general public
  • promote violence, religious or racial hatred.


  • Outdoor premises are generally open to public 24 hours a day free of charge. Opening hours of the exhibition halls is subject to opening hours of the Cannafest trade fair. Any vehicle entrance to the premises is subject to the traffic regulations and regulations of event organization, which are available on request on the following email address:
  • Users’ and customers’ vehicles may be parked on designated spaces outside the exhibition area unless parking service representatives decide otherwise. Parking is not allowed on unmarked places, especially not on places designated for fire brigade equipment. Any vehicles parked outside the designated areas or on forbidden areas or vehicles obstructing daily business or operation in case of emergency situations or fire will be removed at the owner’s expense. Parking is charged and is subject to parking regulations.
  • Maximum allowed speed for motor vehicles at the Exhibition Centre premises is 10 km/h, and only 5 km/h on the mosaic surface in front of the Industrial Palace (Průmyslový palác).
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult person of over 18 years of age. To protect children and teenagers, only adults are allowed to enter Cannafest trade fair. Persons under 18 will not be allowed to enter unless accompanied by an adult! Organizers reserve the right to ask for the proof of attaining majority.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs or persons wearing heavily soiled clothes are not allowed to enter the premises. On all Cannafest premises there is also a strict ban on possessing, using or handling of narcotic or addictive substances, which is also prohibited by the Czech law. Persons failing to comply with this ban may be punished by the Czech Police forces with a fine of up to 5,000 CZK or in the administrative or criminal proceeding. The Cannafest organizer reserves the right to ban any person from entering or remaining on the trade fair premises without reimbursement of the entrance fee if such person violates these Visiting Rules.
  • In emergencies visitors follow instructions of the Police or persons responsible for the evacuation process.
  • In case of fire visitors follow the fire alarm instructions which are situated in visible places on the premises. Visitors must obey the evacuation call and follow further instructions of the person responsible for evacuation.
  • The organizer is not responsible for loss of any objects brought on the premises or damage to the property or health of persons if caused by their own actions or actions of third parties which are violating these Visiting Rules.
  • In case of an injury on the Exhibition Centre premises it is necessary to write a report of the injury under the supervision of a Cannafest representative. For more information call 1+420 608115146

Prague, July 15th, 2017
The Cannafest team