Standardized stands constructions

We are able to built your stand and arrange all the equipment. For more information please visit the individual page Stand constructions.

Construction of individual expositions including architectonic solutions
Our experienced architect and stand constructing companies can design your exposition straight according to your requirements and expectations. We can use the basic constructing system Octanorm with combination of atypical elements; atypical expositions – completely individual stands built of various materials and their combination, such glass, aluminium, wood, textiles; expositions can have a special illumination or can be built on two floors.

Cleaning service

Cannafest has it´s own cleaning service to clean the whole area but we can offer you to order the complete daily cleaning of your exposition.
Security guarding of your exposition
The whole exhibition area is of course secured by the guarding service but you can also order the individual security guarding when need special care.

Forwarding company, stocking

The forwarding company we cooperate with can take care of the delivery of your goods from/to your country. The goods can be stocked for some time to be sent straight to another trade fair.

Hostesses, translators, building helpers and other staff
We cooperate with two reputable agencies to provide you hostesses, translators, building helpers and other staff. Just let us know your requirements and we will send you complete information about the persons including pictures.

Translating service

We can take care of translations of your promotional materials.

Audiovisual equipment

We can provide audiovisual equipment for your stand as sound system, plasma TV, projector + screen etc.

Flower service

We are able to deliver any flowers to your exposition to make it more attractive. You can choose from freshly cut flowers, some kind of bush or for example full grown palms.

Catering for your stand

There are many various possibilities for eating during Cannafest but you can also order the catering to your stand. You can order some refreshments for your business partners, lunch, dinner or snacks for your stand crew to make yourself comfortable while operating at your stand the whole time of the trade fair.

Accommodation for discounted prices

We cooperate with the reputable travel agency Čedok to offer you the best possible accommodation close to the exhibition area. For more information about the prices, please visit the individual page Accommodation.

Individual insurance

Participation of each exhibitor is conditioned by the obligatory insurance but you can also order an individual insurance to have your exposition, goods, employees etc. more secure.

Marketing solutions

Our experienced team which came through the Export Academy of Czech Trade government agency can help you to plan your participation by the recommendation of marketing solutions. We can give the lessons “How to prepare for the fair participation”, “How to present during the trade fair” and many others. The service also includes the marketing campaigns through the promotional agencies for discounted prices.

For more information please write to