CBD: How to Choose Products in a Confused Market?

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2018 has been a very unclear year for USA/European trade, after a great 2017 beginning. Shantibaba works on both sides of the sea in Colorado, Oregon and Washington state, as well as Holland, Spain and Switzerland. He has facilities, genetics, know-how and intellectual property that is unique to his group and supplies a diverse series of industries with high quality products. Shantibaba has innovated the cannabis industry, creating many breeds, including being the first CBD enrichment seed company to ever exist – CBD Crew. His perspective on how to work, deal and evolve is eye-opening for all those involved within this industry and will present a tour of how things were working in 2018.

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Cannafest 2019 will take place November 1–3, 2019 at PVA Expo Prague – Letňany.