Business terms

Organizer: Cannafest – Lukas Behal, registered office: U Kanalky 1455/12, Prague 2, Company Registration No. 76554775
Exhibitor: Legal entity or natural person to whom Cannafest – Lukas Behal has confirmed participation at the Trade Fair

Article 1. – Exhibitor’s Participation at the Trade Fair, allocation of areas

1. The basic precondition for the participation at the Trade Fair is the delivery of the Binding Application for Participation of the Firm, properly filled in (hereinafter referred to as
“Binding Application”). After the receiving of the Binding Application, the Trade Fair organizer, i.e. Cannafest – Lukas Behal will send to the Exhibitor a confirmation of its receipt.

2. By signing the Binding Application, the Exhibitor undertakes to adhere to the present Business Terms and Conditions of Cannafest – Lukas Behal for the Exhibitor’s participation
at the Trade Fair.

3. The exhibits presented and services offered must be in accordance with the focus of the Trade Fair (with the so-called Trade Fair Nomenclature).

4. Cannafest reserves the right to reduce the ordered area, to change its shape and location – the participation at the Trade Fair is binding for the Exhibitor also in this case. If the
contracted area is not available to the Exhibitor for reasons caused on the part of Cannafest the Exhibitor is entitled to the reimbursement of the registration fee, lease charge
paid and the price for the services ordered and already paid for. Cannafest will not accept and will not indemnify any claims for damages which the Exhibitor could have incurred
for this reason.

5. The Exhibitors must not dispose of the exhibits and expositions before the end of the Trade Fair.

2. – Terms of payment

1. After the receiving of the Binding Application, Cannafest will send to the Exhibitor an advance invoice for the lease of the exhibition area ordered and for the registration fee.

2. The advance invoice for the ordered services will be sent before the beginning of the Trade Fairs and its settlement will be a precondition for the beginning of the assembly of
the exposition. The final invoice with deduction of advances will only be sent after the finishing of the Trade Fairs.

3. The final invoice with deduction of advances will only be
sent after the finishing of the Trade Fair.

4. The basic price of the lease and the Registration Fee includes:

  • Rental for the exhibition area during the assembly, Trade Fair and dismantling
  • Insertion into the Trade Fair Catalogue to the extent of data stated in the Order of Registration into the Catalogue (printed and CD catalogue)
  • Insertion into the orientation system of the Trade Fair
  • Five Exhibitor’s Cards for the firms with an ordered area up to 30 m2
  • One Exhibitor’s Card for every 10 m2 commenced (including a part of this area) exceeding the area of 30 m2
  • Assembly/Disassembly Cards for the Implementation Teams making it possible for the vehicles to enter, the Exhibition Centre (Cannafest is authorized to require a security on
    the entrance)
  • Trade Fair Catalogue in a printed version

5. The basic price of the lease and the Registration Fee do not include:

  • External walls of the stand or any other equipment of the stand or the walls of the neighbouring stands
  • Registration fee for co-exhibitors
  • Other records of the firm – i.e. branch offices, divisions, business representations, etc.

6. Cancellation Conditions – If the Exhibitor cancels their participation at the Trade Fair, the following cancellation fees shall apply:
20 % of the total rental charged on the cancellation of the Binding Application by July 30, 2018 inclusive
50 % of the total rental charged on the cancellation of the Binding Application by September 15, 2018
100 % of the total rental charged on the cancellation of the Binding Application from September 15, 2018 (inclusive) to the commencement of the Trade Fair
The cancellation fees shall apply even in the case of reduction of the area ordered. The obligation to pay cancellation fees shall apply to those exhibitors to whom the participation
at the Trade Fair was confirmed according to Art. 1(1) even in the case that they have not paid the advance invoice or any other invoice. The registration fees shall be forfeited in
full amount, regardless of the date of cancellation of the Binding Application. The cancellation of participation must always be made in writing.

7. For each of the other firms
which the Exhibitors will present in their expositions (by the presentation of exhibits, with an advertisement panel, company logo, commercial name, folders, video programms,
etc.), the Exhibitor is obliged to pay the Co-Exhibitor’s Registration Fee. The firm properly registered in this way will be presented in the Trade Fair Catalogue to the full extent
as the Exhibitor. In the case of any breach of this principle, the Exhibitor will be obliged to pay the Co-Exhibitor’s registration Fee and a contractual penalty at an amount of the
registration fee, at any time during the Trade Fair.

8. All the prices are stated as VAT exclusive.

Article 3. – Exhibition area

1. Cannafest leases indoor exhibition areas without any equipment, with a possibility of connection of power supply, water pipeline, sewerage, telephone and cleaning, possibly
other services on the basis of the Application. The precondition for the handover of the exhibition area ordered shall be the settlement of all the payments due in the context with
participation at the Trade Fair. The minimum sizes of the exhibition areas are stated in the Binding Application.

2. Height of halls, loading of floors – For a limited number of
expositions it is possible to implement two-storey stands, as well as height dominants. The height usable oscillates from 3.0 to 8.0 m (depending on the specific place of the exposition
in the raster). The maximum height of exhibits for transport to the halls is 3 m. The hall floor in terms of the length is at a ratio of 1/140. In the case that the basic load bearing
capacity exceeds 800 kg/m2, it is necessary to discuss such a fact with Cannafest.

3. If the exhibiting firm itself does not provide for the stand or if it does not order its erection
from Cannafest, it will have only the ordered exhibition area without borders at its disposal. The exhibitors are obliged to adhere to the raster of the exhibition area, which means
not to exceed the area outlined in terms of layout, not even in the case of any height dominants shifted out.

4. The exhibitors shall receive a raster of the exhibition areas with the
marking of their position after the settlements of all the payments due for the rental space and after the final processing of Binding Applications.

5. The architectural concept in
the exhibition halls counts on the implementation of the classical rectangular exhibition raster, within which the following exhibition areas will be available:

  • row areas with a free front side
  • corner areas with two open sides – along which the visitors walk
  • U-shape areas (front) with three open sides – along which the visitors walk
  • island areas where all of the four sides are free

6. The exhibitor is obliged to leave the exhibition area after dismantling in the same condition in which it was before the commencement of the erection. The exhibitor is obliged
to settle any destruction, damage or excessive contamination according to the expenses actually incurred during the remedy of such damage (contamination).

7. The exhibitor
is not authorized to sublease the exhibition area leased to any third parties. / 8. The exhibitors are obliged to adhere to the time of arrivals and leaves from the exhibition areas.

Article 4. – Insurance

1. Cannafest contracts, in favor of the Exhibitors, an insurance of the expositions and of the liability for damage in the course of the Trade Fairs automatically within the framework
of the services provided by Cannafest at a lump-sum advantageous price of CZK 900 (EUR 35). The insurance will apply for all the time of Trade Fair, including assembly
and dismantling (except for a simple theft).

2. Scope of the insurance agreed upon:

  • Natural hazards insurance – in the widest possible extent (so-called comprehensive natural hazards insurance), indemnification limit: CZK 5,000,000 deductible CZK 5,000
  • Theft risk insurance (theft, robbery) – indemnification limit: CZK 5,000,000 deductible CZK 5,000
  • Simple thievery insurance – indemnification limit: CZK 100,000 deductible CZK 5,000
  • Third party liability insurance – indemnification limit: CZK 1,000,000 deductible CZK 1,000

3. Canafest shall not be held liable towards the Exhibitors or their Co-Exhibitors for any loss, destruction or any damage to the things brought by the Exhibitors into the areas
leased (i.e. exhibits, equipment and facilities of the stands, packages, packing materials, etc.), regardless of the fact whether the loss, destruction or other damage have arisen
during the assembly, dismantling, transport or in the course of the Trade Fairs.

4. The Exhibitors have a possibility to order an individual safeguarding of their expositions.

Article 5. – Safety. Technical and fire regulations, energy usage regulations and directive for the use of temporary electrical installations

1. The Exhibitors must not store or use, in their expositions or in the area of the Exhibition Centre, any flammable or radioactive substances, explosives, acids, poisons and other
products harmful to health.

2. For the time of organization of the Trade Fair, as well as during their assembly and disassembly it is forbidden to smoke and to handle naked
flames in all the indoor areas of the Exhibition Centre. The Exhibitors are obliged to observe, during the assembly, in the entire course of the Trade Fairs and during the dismantling,
generally binding law regulations of the Czech Republic and technical standards for the above mentioned areas including work safety regulations and handling all technical
equipment. Furthermore, the Exhibitors are obliged to observe appropriate fire regulations valid for individual exhibition areas and the instructions of the authorized members
of the fire assistant service and of the Cannafest staff.

3. Temporary electrical devices must be in accordance with the ČSN 341090 standard and must comply with all other
electro-technical regulations in force. The electrical installation works can only be carried out by a person duly authorized to do so, i.e. possessing the “Certificate of Competence
according to the Law No. 174/1968 Coll., Art. 4(f) and Art 3(2) of the Czech Work Safety Authority (ČÚBP) and Czech Mining Authority (ČBÚ) Regulation No. 20/1979 Coll.“

Article 6. – Basic preconditions for the erection of the stand

1. The erection of the Stand is offered and carried out by Cannafest The Exhibitors who prefer to ensure the erections of their stands by themselves and not through Cannafest
are obliged to submit the ground plan and front view of the stand with the marking of dominant heights, as well as with the marking of power, water and sewerage system lines,
for approval to Cannafest not later than October 15, 2018.

2. The Exhibitors are obliged to ensure implementation of all perimeter walls of their expositions at a minimum
height of 2.5 m. It is not possible to use the back sides of the walls of the adjoining expositions.

3. The Exhibitors are obliged to adhere to the Cannafest Technical Conditions for
the Participation of Exhibitors at the Trade Fair.

Article 7. – Presentation of the Exhibitors

1. The Exhibitors are only authorized to advertise their products or services in their own expositions. The Exhibitors must not disturb or limit surrounding expositions through
their presentations.

2. A placement of any advertising or promotional materials out of the Exhibitor’s own exposition is only permitted subject to previous written approval
following negotiations with Cannafest., for consideration which is not a part of the rental paid for the exhibition area.

3. Cannafest is authorized to forbid or remove at the
Exhibitor’s expense all advertisings which do not correspond to the above listed conditions or which support fascism, race, religious or other intolerance or which reduce human

4. During the Trade Fair it is permitted to perform audio-visual, acoustic, musical, dancing and other productions for the time not exceeding 8 minutes once an hour,
and only provided that the other Exhibitors will not be disturbed by the operation of these facilities and that Cannafest has granted its consent to these productions. Beyond the
limits of the stand it is not allowed to exceed the noise level of 60 dB. In order to be allowed to perform productions on the exposition, the Exhibitor is obliged to apply for approval
from the competent collective administrator of copyrights (such as OSA, INTERGRAM).

5. Cannafest is authorized to forbid all performances causing excessive noise, dust,
pollutants, vibrations, endangering safety of visitors or other exhibitors or disturbing the Trade Fair operation, and to require the Exhibitor in question to pay a contractual penalty
amounting to CZK 5,000 + VAT.

6. Important notice! The exhibitor commits himself to not producing, supplying, exposing, selling, giving away or keeping any kind of illegal
substances according to the Czech law regulations. Therefore all persons violating this regulation will be charged by the operator of exhibition grounds by the fine of CZK 50.000
+ VAT requested by Czech law for every single case of the violence. In case of exhibiting living plants of technical cannabis, the plant must be accompanied by the sign Technical
cannabis. Selling of food and drinks for immediate consumption is not allowed.

Article 8. – Deadline for applications and orders

1. It is necessary to send the Binding Application, the Order of Technical Services, the Order of Erection of the Stand, the Order of Registration of Other Firms – Co-Exhibitors and
the Order of Records into the Catalogue, possibly other order forms to the address: Cannafest, U Kanalky 1455/12, Prague 2, Post Code Number 120 00, by the specified deadlines
of individual closing dates.

2. We recommend that all the correspondence should be sent by registered mail.

Article 9. – Final provisions

1. All the requirements and changes on the part of the Exhibitors must be sent to the Cannafest Trade Fair Administration, subject to a previous agreement with Cannafest, in
writing. All complaints on the part of Exhibitors towards Cannafest for the time of stand assembly and course of the Trade Fairs must be submitted in writing to the Cannafest-
Trade Fair Administration Director or to the authorized representative before the end of the Trade Fairs or during the dismantling work until it is completed.

2. The present Business
Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the Binding Application for participation of the firm at the Trade Fair.

3. No smoking rule – There is a general no-smoking
rule inside the expo location. Smoking is only allowed in therefore marked areas. The exhibitor is responsible that this rule is followed also from visitors within the own stand
area. In case of non acceptance behalf visitors the expo stuff has to be informed immediately. The exhibitor is liable for all damages which occur to the organizer by not following
the no smoking rule.

4. Miscellaneous – Entrance is permitted to persons younger than 18 years only accompanied by a legal guardian. It is forbidden to take illegal substances,
weapons as well all objects useable for acting violence and animals inside the expo area. At the entrance and inside the expo area there will be controls which lead to a prohibition
of access or a removal in case of breaking the rules. Compensation of costs is impossible.