Business visitors

Business accreditation

In case you're interested in visiting Cannafest at its 11th year as a business visitor please fill in the following form with the company name and two names of the persons that you apply the tickets for.

Within a few days you will receive an email with information about the status of your request. Each company can receive max. 2 business tickets for free but each is tied to one specific person. Caution! The contact person will not receive the ticket automatically, you must fill in the tables with the concrete names on the right side of the form!

If you wish to book more than two business tickets, please fill in the form with the required number of the names of the persons and in case we confirm the tickets, you can buy the additional tickets together with the two gratis at the Accreditation/ Guestlist stand which is located in front of the entrance hall No. 1 by the right VIP entrance during the opening hours which are the same for all the visitors. Price per one additional business ticket is 20EUR and is valid throughout the trade show.


The business accreditation form will be opened from the month of April.