Business visitors

Business accreditation

In case you're interested in visiting Cannafest at its 13th year as a business visitor please fill in the following form with the company name and two names of the persons that you apply the tickets for.

Within a few days you will receive an email with information about the status of your request. Each company can receive max. 2 business tickets for free but each is tied to one specific person.

Caution! The contact person will not receive the ticket automatically, you must fill in the tables with the concrete names on the right side of the form! If you use a personal email address and not the company email address, the application of the business tickets will be rejected.

If you are interested in more than two tickets, which you can receive from us free of charge, fill in the required number and names of the persons for whom you are requesting tickets and our system will guide you on how to purchase these tickets in addition. The price of one extra business ticket is 30EUR and the ticket is valid for the entire duration of the fair.