Covid Measures

The situation regarding the covid-19 virus in the Czech Republic is stable and the government has promised that there will be no significant restrictions in the autumn. You can read all the important information and regulations in more detail at the following links below:

Trade fairs can be held only in accordance with the measures of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, provided that upon entry all attendees present a proof of immunity / infectivity. Below you can read the rules and recommendations for entering the fairs of the PVA Expo Prague Letňany exhibition center:

PVA Expo Prague Letňany has a sampling point for antigen testing available throughout the Cannafest trade fair. The link for possible reservations for testing can be found below:


The current version of the O-N-T system, including requirements for trade fairs, is listed on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (link below this paragraph). The organizer of the event has the right and the obligation to check the persons, while compliance with the rules is the personal responsibility of each participant. The purpose of the measure is to ensure the safe participation of all persons.